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Media contact - Mr. Ispat Bhavan / 022-12345678 / ajay@skybags.co.in
Skybags Logo
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Please read these guidelines before using the Skybags logo.

Skybags is a worldwide registered trademark of the VIP Industries Limited, which is responsible for defending against any damaging or confusing uses. In general, we want the logo to be used as widely as possible to promote Skybags.

Projects and companies using and dealing with Skybags are encouraged to use the Skybags logo on their websites, brochures, packaging, and elsewhere. You may not use the logo or its likeness as a company logo or for any other commercial purpose without permission from VIP Industries Limited. User groups may use the logo in their materials, as long as they don't make any profit from it and comply with usage guidelines.

Derivative versions of the Skybags logo are generally prohibited, as they dilute Skybags brand identity. However, please contact the Skybags Marketing team via email if you have any questions. However the identity system must not be altered or manipulated. Always present the logo fully, being clearly visible. 

Do not
  • - alter or partially cover the logo.
  • - alter the proportions, position or letter spacing.
  • - stretch, condense, distort or separate logo elements.
  • - add effects (drop shadow, glow, etc).
  • - replace the logotype with another typeface.
  • - place an image within the logotype.
  • - rotate (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) or flip.

Remember that the Skybags logo must never be altered or distorted.